Calculator to calculate partner commissions.

Make money with us! Recommend our services via an affiliate code or link, which you get by purchasing an affiliate package and earn commissions up to 8 levels. We pay the affiliate program license (56.64%) to affiliate marketing. The calculator simulates an example of commission income when registering with each partner of 4. new partners. You can calculate the income for the year from 8 levels together. The prepaid credit of 28.4 EUR with VAT for the SMS affiliate package is valid indefinitely. The commission payment license is valid for 12 months and cannot be purchased separately, only together with the credit as an affiliate package. After purchasing the affiliate package, you can buy cheap SMS according to the price list for 1 year. We pay commissions from 50 EUR without VAT.

  Affiliate Package  
Levels -% profit Monthly Commissions
Level 1 - 33,33 %
Level 2 - 1,2 EUR
Level 3 - 1,2 EUR
Level 4 - 1,2 EUR
Level 5 - 1,2 EUR
Level 6 - 1,2 EUR
Level 7 - 1,2 EUR
Level 8 - 1,2 EUR