FAQFrequently Asked Questions

How do I buy credit?

After signing up, go to Orders. You enter the amount in which you want to buy an Affiliate package or SMS credit. Submit the order creation form.                             You will receive an invoice in PDF, which you can pay by bank transfer, credit card via or PAYPAL. Of course you can                             used as a tax document. SMS credit can also be purchased from our business partners via SMS scratch coupons or 7-digit electronic coupons in this                             in case of SMS credit you recharge via the Recharge Affiliate Package feature.

What is the difference between Standard and Affiliate pricing?

If you do not want to recommend us and do business with us, you can buy the standard package, which is a normal SMS price. In the affiliate package, the price is increased by the amount we pay to network marketing by 33.33%. The affiliate package is that you can recommend us and mainly earn rewards up to 8 levels. As a direct referral you get a 10% commission and an additional 7 levels of 3.33% commission. The condition for paying the commission is that you buy the affiliate package every 12 months

Is the Affiliate Package SMS Pyramid Game?

No, because the service is being sold, and it is not a financial ponzi scheme where investors receive deposits and pay interest on new investors, but the money we spend on Google or Facebook ads, flyers, etc ... We will also pay you the price of SMS increased by 33.33%. You can also send an offer anonymously to the business of all your friends, in the calculator for SMS marketing on the home page you can calculate your sales and in the calculator to calculate the commission your monthly profit. By default, a model would be purchased if 4 people would buy the service and recommend the other 4 people ... etc ... mathematically 4 ^ 8 - four to eight. With a profit of € 8737.93 per month, there will be 65,356 customers in the network below you. Similar remuneration systems are used by well-known companies, whose products you have already met and are satisfied with eg. Amway, Oriflame, Avon and the like.

I have free SMS messages that add value to the SMS gateway compared to sending SMS from my phone.

You can set up automatic sending of SMS for names or birthdays, send SMS from Excel file to various numbers from own sender or bulk SMS to groups of contacts. SMS gateway also has a professional SMS scheduler, similar to Google calendar, where you can timing SMS reminders for your clients eg. reminder of a deadline. SMS will come to the client not you as in case of google calendar. Usable by human and veterinarians, hairdressers, car repair shops, real estate agents, law firms and the like. From the SMS gateway you can send personalized SMS notifications from e-shops or bulk personalized SMS. The gateway has up to 5 macrocodes that you can replace with columns from Excel eg. column A is the customer number, column B is the text SMS column C is the customer name, column D is the order ID, column E is the address ... You upload an Excel file to the SMS gateway, where you can write the SMS text eg. Hi # Macrocode1 #. Your order # Macrocode2 # has been shipped to # Macrocode3 #. Customize the order of macrocodes by exporting your completed orders from your eshop if you own.

Is SMS credit time limited?

SMS credit is not time limited. The restriction is only in case of purchasing the Affiliate package. It is necessary to buy a credit for EUR 36 excluding VAT every 12 months in order to be paid commissions to the partner. This does not apply to drawing credit for 12 months

What is the minimum commission amount?

The minimum commission amount is EUR 20